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Bulldog Scams: elibulldogpups, ebenbullies, edenbulldogpupppies

January 29, 2011

The ebenbullies dot com web site is a fraudulent English Bulldog web site and should be avoided. They are using our family photo as “their family photo.”  This is an exact replica of the elibulldogpups dot com web site.  The owner of the elibulldogpups dot com (email is refuses to remove the photo, saying it is theirs and that the site is mirrored on over 60 servers – if that isn’t enough evidence of a scam, I don’t know what it!  Also the web domain edenbulldogpuppies redirects to the elibulldogpups web site. It is likely the web site bulldogstream dot com is operated by the same individual.

Ebenbullies - English Bulldog scam

How blatant!!

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