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Guinness – Our New Stud!

April 20, 2011

Puppychase Kennels is psyched to introduce our newest stud, Guinness, to our breeding program. Guinness is the son of Angus – one of our most popular studs.

Guinness Bulldog Stud

Guinness - New Puppychase Bulldog Stud

Contact Jason at Puppychase today at 404-569-9235 to learn more about Guinness and schedule a breeding.


Our New Stud T-Bone

April 16, 2011

T-Bone is the newest addition to our English Bulldog studs. View photos of T-Bone on the Puppychase Web site.


Setting Up A Transported Cooled Semen Program for Dogs

February 2, 2011

Puppychase Kennels has developed a very successful shipped semen program over the past few years. We have taken great care to learn the intricacies of semen collection, extension, packaging and shipping.

Semen Collection & Artificial Insemination Kit

Semen Collection and A.I. Kit

There is a bit of legwork that must be performed before you can begin shipping your studs’ semen to paying customers. Of course, you will need all the required equipment, but in addition you will need to test each stud’s semen for its ability to withstand cooling and shipping.

Semen Collection Equipment

Collection equipment for canine sperm is relatively simple and can be purchased in prepackaged kits. Typically kits will include a collection cone, one 15cc centrifuge tube, one docking ring (for attaching the end-cone to the centrifuge tube) and one pair of gloves.

Kenney Skim Milk Semen Extender

Kenney Skim Milk Semen Extender


Canine semen will not survive cooling and transport if it is not first extended with a nutrient rich media. The most common extender is a skim milk and glucose recipe, which has been used very successfully in both horses and dogs for over 25 years. The Kenney Extender may be mixed, separated into individual 10ml doses, and frozen until ready for use.

Semen Evaluation

It is critical that the semen is evaluated for both motility and concentration each time before it is shipped to your client. Sending poor quality sperm not only wastes your customer’s time and money, but also will reflect negatively on your transported semen program. If you are planning on shipping a lot of semen, the purchase of a microscope may be a wise investment in the long run. For smaller operations, a small portable microscope called the Handycope® is an affordable alternative for making a quick assessment of semen quality.

Performing a Test “Shipment”

For each stud you plan on breeding by transported semen, it is highly recommended that a simulated test shipment be performed. The semen must be collected, extended and packaged just as you would for an actual shipment. The shipping container should then be kept at room temperature for 2 days. At both 24 hours and 48 hours post collection, an aliquot should be removed and the motility checked and compared against the initial motility. (Important Note: It is critical that the semen aliquot being evaluated is warmed to body temperature before analysis for proper motility estimation.)

You may also want to consider taking advantage of the semen evaluation service offered by Hamilton Research. Using a high end computer-assisted semen analyzer, Hamilton Research will provide a detailed motility analysis report, including a live video image, on semen shipped to them in a Rover or Equitainer. The analysis is performed at both 24 hours and 48 hours post collection.


Advantages of Using Cooled, Shipped Semen & Artificial Insemination

January 29, 2011

Puppychase Kennels has been breeding with cooled shipped semen for many years with great success. There are advantages of using this option for both the stud and bitch owner. We offer cooled, shipped semen from all our studs.


For the bitch owner

  • No need to ship the bitch to the stud. This is especially crucial when the weather is too hot or too cold, or if you have a high-stress dame who does not fare well when shipping by air. It is also less costly to ship the semen than it is the bitch.
  • Unlimited choice of studs from which to choose. You no longer need to be restricted by geographical location, which opens up a wider field for your pedigree. Now it is easier to breed to a stud that will improve upon your dame.
  • The stud’s show schedule doesn’t interfere with breeding. Even if the stud is not home, he can be collected and the ejaculate shipped to you.
  • Less worry for you about the health and well-being of your bitch.
  • Behavioral problems of the bitch do not interfere with breeding.
  • Less risk of sexually transmitted disease.

For the stud owner

  • More bitches available to improve upon your stud’s pedigree – allowing you to choose dames based on breed standards rather than geography.
  • Your stud’s show schedule does not have to be interrupted, as may happen for natural breeding.
  • When breeding by AI, semen quality and quantity can be checked whenever a collection is performed. Thus, you can monitor the reproductive status of your stud and notice potential problems immediately.
  • Behavioral problems of the stud do not interfere with breeding.
  • Less risk of sexually transmitted disease.

(Excerpt reprinted with permission from author of the article A Cool Way to Enhance Your Breeding Program. Copyright 2008, Cynthia Rodzen, Original Cin Designs)

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